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Our Irrigation Projects Department 

Customized, turn-key solutions

Based on its extensive global experience in diverse irrigation, water supply and agriculture projects, the Metzer irrigation projects team provides professional planning, on-site deployment, supervision services and operational training. The team includes highly experienced water and soil engineers as well as expert agronomists.

This unique combination of technological knowledge and hands-on experience enables us to design and implement the best turn-key drip irrigation solutions, tailored to customers’ needs, site conditions, and budget.

Innovations and discovering what’s possible

We invest considerable efforts in collaborations with leading academic centers, in order to offer next-generation technologies today, at an accessible price. Our irrigation projects aim for easy incorporation and quick profitability for our customers. Advanced SDI products and technologies, enabling the use of reclaimed and other poor quality water sources as well as mechanized ways of cultivation, are nowadays at the center of our efforts, including affordable sensors to monitor crop development in real time. Among other related fields of research, are bio-degradable irrigation driplines, passive anti-bacterial coatings, nonpoisonous protection against insect and rodent damage, anti-clogging agents, and more.

Advanced IT for Faster Time to Market Irrigation Projects


Advanced Information Technology helps shorten R&D time by simulating operating conditions and choosing only the most promising concepts. Metzer irrigation projects team works extremely hard on each of its irrigation projects to ensure that every future technology implementation is cost-effective and beneficial to the grower, the environment and the end-consumer.

Farmers are the most vulnerable link in the agri-food value chain. Our ability to introduce advanced technologies with low capital cost, yet high performance in rugged conditions means that local producers will be able to access premium markets, both locally and globally.


With You Every Step of the Way

Our irrigation projects team has extensive global experience in diverse irrigation, water supply and agriculture projects. Our experts provide professional, reliable assistance from the project design phase, all the way through to implementation. The irrigation projects team is on-hand to assist you with data collection and evaluation of local conditions, with the design of the drip irrigation system and its construction on site, and with the operation training.

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The Metzer Irrigation Projects Design Flowchart

The Metzer Project Design Flowchart

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