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At Metzer, we are committed to our customers and we pride ourselves on meeting or even exceeding their expectations. We provide a solution to every demand and offer quality service to all our customers in the areas of irrigation, infrastructure and construction. With almost 50 years’ experience, we have developed long-term strategic partnerships with numerous customers around the world.


Our experts continuously design, develop and produce innovative infrastructure, construction and irrigation solutions to meet the needs of our customers and the constantly changing world. Metzer uses only high quality, environmentally-friendly materials and constantly upgrades existing products.


· To be a leading infrastructure, construction and drip irrigation company and a pioneer in exploring new technologies and materials

· To empower customers with high quality, innovative and versatile solutions

· To provide support and quality service

· To build and nurture long-term strategic partnerships

Why Metzer?

Leader: Metzer is an innovative leader in design and production of infrastructure, construction and irrigation systems.

Dynamic: We develop suitable solutions for constantly-changing environments and needs.

Expert: Metzer offers comprehensive knowledge and extensive hands-on field experience.

Partner: Metzer is your partner. We will be with you every step of the way, from the system design to the implementation on site.

Metzer Units


Metzer develops and manufactures quality drip irrigation systems for customers worldwide. For optimal growth and maximum efficiency, we provide a wide selection of products that can help meet the requirements of any topography, climate and crop.


Metzer offers high-speed, reliable production lines for both cylindrical and flat drip emitters, with comprehensive training programs in production, maintenance and quality control, and continuous technical support.

Metzer turnkey solutions

Metzer’s professional team provides turnkey projects worldwide, covering the client’s needs and challenges: from analysis and planning, through logistics and installation, all the way to comprehensive training and consulting after project handover.
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