Metzer develops cutting-edge drip irrigation solutions for water shortage, harsh topography and low soil quality.

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November 7-11, 2018

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Advanced, robust, reliable irrigation technology solutions

SP Metzer

Combining metal and plastic together, the leading SP pipe is corrosion-free, scale-resistant, thermally-insulated, and still light and easy to install in any new or existing system.

Economic, easy-to-install, next-gen home plumbing solutions


Metzer offers high speed, reliable production lines for both cylindrical and flat drippers with continuous technical support. As a leader in advanced technology, the company also provides comprehensive training programs in production, maintenance and quality control.

The Technology Partner Initiative: Efficiency, Reliability & Quality


Metzer's HDPE infrastructure pipes comply with the most stringent international standards. This makes them the most cost-effective and efficient solution for long-distance carrying of optical and electrical fibers, as well as water, gas and wastewater.

High quality PE Infrastructure solutions for the communications, water, gas & wastewater industries