Metzer develops cutting-edge solutions for water shortage, harsh topography and low soil quality. The company is committed to provide optimal conditions for every crop and budget.

Advanced, robust, reliable irrigation technology solutions

SP Metzerplas

Combining metal and plastic together, the leading SP pipe is corrosion-free, scale-resistant, thermally-insulated, and still light and easy to install in any new or existing system.

Economic, easy-to-install, next-gen home plumbing solutions


Metzer offers high speed, reliable production lines for both cylindrical and flat drippers with continuous technical support. As a leader in advanced technology, the company also provides comprehensive training programs in production, maintenance and quality control.

The Technology Partner Initiative: Efficiency, Reliability & Quality


Metzer infrastructure pipes are made of HDPE in compliance with international standards. The pipes conduct long distance electrical cables, optical fibers, water, gas and wastewater safely, efficiently, and economically.

High quality PE Infrastructure solutions for the communications, water, gas & wastewater industries