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Why Our Drip Irrigation System?

We specifically focus on designing, upgrading and producing a wide range of irrigation driplines and high-speed dripline production lines for our global customers. We also produce multi-layered insulated super pipes for residential, public and industrial use. Metzer irrigation solutions offer high performance and reliability and are suitable for every crop, field condition and budget, allowing farmers to grow more food with fewer resources.

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Drip Irrigation System Overview

Advanced, Durable and Reliable Drip Irrigation Solutions

As one of the leading irrigation companies, Metzer brings innovative water management technologies to its customers. Overcoming the limitations of water shortage, harsh topography and low soil quality, our drip irrigation systems are ideal for every crop and budget, helping growers get the most out of their crop yields.

Paving the Way for Tomorrow's Dripline Technology

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First-Class Management of Drip Irrigation Projects

Metzer provides a wide range of advanced drip irrigation systems for enterprises around the world.


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Efficiency, Reliability and Quality

Our drip emitters are suitable for every combination of crop, soil, water and climate.

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