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How Drip Emitters and unique irrigation system design are impacting farming

Farmers worldwide are facing increasing demand to produce more and better crops with less available water and fertilizers. This challenge is driving the market to a constantly evolving arena, where only innovators can maintain a selling advantage. Metzer’s unique offering of drip emitters and irrigation system design includes all required components to succeed in an increasingly competitive market: from production equipment to advanced emitters, including our hands-on operation expertise as manufacturers; from modern plastics and compounds to complete irrigation systems, including marketing expertise and end-customer support. Our global associates and licensees enjoy immediate access to the most advanced and comprehensive value chain in the drip irrigation industry. Partnering with Metzer provides access to the latest drip emitters technologies and irrigation system design developments, without the need for a substantial initial investment or fixed costs but rather an “invest as you grow” business model

Less Water. More Savings. Better Results

The population explosion and subsequent need for appropriate sanitary conditions have created a two-fold challenge in the area of fresh water resources.

Metzer leads the industry in Subsurface Drip Irrigation (SDI) systems and solutions for drip irrigation with wastewater. By turning wastewater from a liability into a valuable resource, we assist with both the global water shortage and the wastewater treatment issues.


SDI Advantages

  • Reduced water use, leading to large savings
  • Increased fertilizer efficiency
  • Better root development
  • Fewer weeds
  • Lower salinity due to evaporation on soil surface
  • Less wear and tear, less maintenance required
  • Less moisture-generated plant diseases
  • No vandalism or theft

Next Gen Solutions for an Age-old Problem

The successful implementation of subsurface drip irrigation is largely dependent on the correct adaptation of the system to the topographic and climatic conditions on the project site.

The biggest threat to subsurface driplines is root intrusion. Metzer, in cooperation with Geoflow Inc., introduced the RootGuard® technology and more recently, the patented Nano-RootGuard®, in order to provide a solution to the problem.

Drip Irrigation Technology that Works with Nature

The RootGuard® technology releases herbicide through both the pipe walls and the emitter exit hole. The herbicide is entirely independent of the water flow. This is particularly important as root intrusion occurs at the intervals between the irrigation cycles.

The released herbicide is then absorbed into the surrounding soil at very low concentrations. Additional herbicide is only released once the previous batch has naturally degraded. Only the very tip of the rootlet makes contact with the herbicide, avoiding growth into the dripper. As a result, the plant has plenty of roots free to absorb moisture and nutrients and it stays away from the dripline and develops… just as nature intended.


From Liability to Resource

Metzer offers two unique wastewater driplines equipped with anti-bacterial inner layer: WasteflowTM and Cleanline. Waste source, treatment level and local regulations determine which product and implementation method are the most suitable.


The anti-bacterial layer presents several advantages:

  • Does not attack helpful bacteria, but prevents development of new resistant strains
  • Non-photo-reactive: Operates in complete darkness
  • Fixed: Does not migrate from the pipe wall to the water flow (complies with ISO standards), resists water flow abrasion
  • Withstands high temperatures of extrusion and electro-fusion
  • Durable: Remains active throughout the life of the pipe (several years)

First Class Materials. Multiple Designs. Next Gen Features.

Metzer offers an unparalleled range of drip emitters ranging from regular to pressure-compensated, cylindrical to flat and one-year use models to fixed drippers designed to perform perfectly for 15 years and more.

When it comes to quality – we make no compromises. We specialize in high-end pressure-compensated drip emitters designed to deliver high performance over long periods of time under the most challenging conditions such as water with solid particles or high biological content.


Metzer’s drip emitters offer unique features:

  • The largest filtration area in the market
  • Special compensation mechanism: No reduction of the water path inside the emitter
  • Built-in self-flushing action at the start and end of each irrigation cycle
  • Dual inlet configuration which ensures smooth water passage
  • Raised inlets in flat emitters


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