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Metzer is proud to present
INBAR ClusterDrip, a new ‘all-in-one’ irrigation solution, especially suitable for hydroponic greenhouses and grow bags.

With all our latest technology concentrated in a single pipe,
INBAR ClusterDrip has excellent and proven crop yield, is super-easy to install and is highly cost-effective.


Features & Benefits

  • ‘Cluster Driplines’ designed specifically for cultivation in bags or in pots of variable diameter, adapting the distance between clusters to planting parameters. Also applicable to field crops.
  • Easy and straightforward installation and maintenance. Significant savings in labour costs: the irrigation system is based on 1 to 2 laterals per bed, with integral, self-compensating, non-drain emitters, avoiding the manual installation of button drippers requiring micro-tubes and stakes, and their subsequent maintenance.
  • Possibility of placing 2 to 4 integral, self-compensating non-drain drippers within the area to be irrigated in the pot (1 to 2 laterals per bed), therefore preventing losses of water and nutrients since there are no emission points outside the pot.
  • Leak-free integral non-drain dripper, suitable for pulse irrigation based on precise irrigation cycles.
  • Drippers with a flow rate of 0.9 l/h, spaced 13 cm apart (= 1 dripper placed 6.5 cm to each side of the stem) for efficient saturation of the grow bag. Other flows and distances available upon request.
  • Bicolour drip lateral (white outer layer + black inner layer), which prevents an increase in the temperature of the irrigation water and places it at the ideal point for root development, while blocking the proliferation of microorganisms inside the lateral.


» Cultivation in bags or in pots

  • Greenhouse

The product in grow bags

Smart irrigation systems in hydroponic greenhouses and substrate cultivation.

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