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Metzer is proud to introduce INBAR RG-X, a new ‘all-in-one’ irrigation solution, especially suitable for hydroponic greenhouses and growbag cultures.
With our latest technologies concentrated in one pipe,

INBAR RG-X has excellent proven field performance, is super-easy to install and highly cost-effective.

Features & Benefits

  • ‘Cluster’ dripper layout, specially designed for a 1-meter growbag, prevents loss of water and nutrients since all drippers are entirely located inside the growbag (see illustration).
  • Special “X” marking on the pipe allows to place a dripline throughout growbags correctly and effortlessly.
  • RootGuard® inside! The ultimate defense technology against root intrusion and dripper clogging.
  • Efficient growbag saturation is achieved through low flow rate (0.9 l/h) and uniform arrangement of drippers (4 drippers per growbag).
  • Non-drain integral drippers are the most suited to pulse irrigation regimes and accurate irrigation programs.
  • Inside growbag pipe location makes the area around plants unrestricted and convenient for service/harvest and also prevents the driplines from any physical damages by workers.
  • Fast and easy installation and maintenance. Significant savings on labor costs.
  • No frost damages.


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'all-in-one' irrigation solution

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