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Reliable Solution Against Root Intrusion

A worldwide patent and proven solution against root intrusion for long-term installations.

NOW commercially available.

ROOTGUARD® technology has well proven itself in Sub-Surface Drip Irrigation (SDI), preventing root intrusion for over 25 years in a very wide range of applications world-wide.
The patented “Band” configuration, a new improvement of the technology developed jointly by Geoflow and Metzerplas, is now commercially available, increasing the range of configurations and uses of the proven ROOTGUARD® technology, including lower-cost emitters and driplines suited for field crops and shorter term applications.

Metzer’s offering

  • Long term heavy duty driplines for fixed crops
    ADI (cylindrical PC), Idit (Classic turbulent emitter) and Vered (heavy duty flat emitters) in wall thicknesses of 1 mm (40 mil) and above. Ideal for orchards, vineyards, etc., when protection in excess of 10 years is sought.

  • Flat driplines for 7-10 years installation:
    Assif anti-siphon smaller emitters in 1.0 – 1.15 (40-46 mil) mm wall thickness driplines for long-term field crops or up to 10 years installation in vineyards, orchards, etc.

  • Flat medium thickness driplines:
    0.6 mm (24 mil) driplines either pressure-compensated (with Assif anti-siphon drippers) or turbulent plain (Lin drippers) for 5-7 years installations. Especially suited for field crops such as alfalfa (Lucerne), sugar-cane, maize, cotton, etc.

  • Thinner wall driplines:
    0.4 mm (16 mil) for 3-5 years’ installations with PC (Assif) or regular (Lin or more economical Mini-Lin) emitters. Suited for shorter term rotational crops as sugar-cane, tomatoes for industry, vegetables, etc.

  • Non-Drain driplines:
    For pulse irrigation either in fixed crops or intensive hydroponic installations, 0.6 to 1.0 mm (24 to 40 mil) driplines with Inbar non-drain PC emitter


» Sub-Surface Drip Irrigation (SDI)

  • Landscape

  • Orachards

  • Row crops

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A worldwide patent and proven solution against root intrusion for long-term installations.

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