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How to Choose the Right Irrigation Product for Your Drip Irrigation System?

When discussing irrigation, agriculture and landscape are not uniform industries: diversity of plants, climates, soil types and technologies dictate an endless range of scenarios. To get the best value from an investment in an irrigation system, the choice of irrigation products is crucial and should consider a wide set of factors.

The challenge is even greater for drip irrigation where all products may look pretty much the same. Yet, an informed selection requires informed decisions concerning the exact specifications for each application.

All driplines are made as pipes with evenly spaced drippers (emitters), but each pipe and each emitter are unique with their own properties, features and benefits.

The following articles were written by highly experienced experts, both in agriculture and in irrigation system designing and manufacturing.

The purpose of these articles is to explain and describe the various properties of driplines and how they are linked to different irrigation practices, for the benefit of farmers and irrigation system distributors.

Metzer is always on your side to help you define the optimal drip irrigation product that suits your farm and your crop.

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