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More, for Less

Metzer offers drip irrigation suppliers worldwide a unique value proposition: Enjoy Metzer’s vast accumulated experience and its wide range of drip irrigation solutions, while paying only for what your market needs.

Metzer develops drip emitters for every combination of crop, soil, water and climate. The company offers state-of-the-art production lines to efficiently extrude driplines close to the market.

Metzer also provides its agronomic implementation expertise to help achieve successful long-term operation and increase the grower’s profit.


Efficiency, Reliability & Quality

The innovative concept of the Technology Partner, of sharing new irrigation advances with customers, has been designed to help upgrade existing dripline manufacturing operations to the very highest of market standards. The best suited driplines for each market will be produced nearby, assuring optimized economic efficiency. At the same time, Metzer drip irrigation technology customers can introduce suitable solutions when new market demands arise and in this way maintain both brand leadership and customer loyalty.

Efficiency, reliability, and quality manufacturing are a must in an increasingly competitive market. Metzer’s production lines are designed to bring the very best combination of these values to every drip irrigation market, while allowing for rapid, low-cost scalability and adaptability for future demands.

Production, Training, Maintenance & Support

High-Speed, Reliable Dripline Production Lines

Metzer offers high-speed, reliable production lines for both cylindrical and flat emitters, with comprehensive training programs in production, maintenance and quality control, and continuous technical support.

Training at Our Factory or On-site

New production lines are fully tested at the Metzer facility before they are sent to the customer. Upgrade of existing lines is also offered, performed at the customer’s plant in full cooperation with the local team.

Metzer dripline manufacturing technology requires training to get the best results. Operation and maintenance training can be provided either at the Metzer facility or at the customer’s plant. Metzer cares about its customers. Each project is complete only once the customer is satisfied that the dripline production line is operating at the requested speed and efficiency.

Expertise and Experience You Can Trust

Metzer’s engineering team brings to the design table a unique combination of expertise in developing and producing driplines and extrusion lines and practical on-site experience in Israel and abroad.

Our technology ensures the efficient commercial operation of the dripline production lines and the successful implementation of the drip irrigation systems even under the most demanding conditions.

Metzer’s continuous, ever-evolving R&D program benefits our industrial customers who can implement the most up-to-date advances in the drip irrigation field without investing a lot of resources, and thus remain competitive in the market.

One Supplier, All Your Drip Irrigation Needs

Under the “Technology Partner” program, Metzer partners enjoy access to the latest drip emitter models, the most advanced production technology, and the next generation of field implementation technology, all on an ‘invest-as-you-grow’ basis.

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