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How to Select the Right Dripper for Your Drip Irrigation System?

What is an integral dripper?
Integral drippers are well hidden inside the drip irrigation pipe. Only the small outlet holes are visible from the outside. However, also invisible, they can be felt through the pipe wall, hard elements in the softer, flexible material of the pipe. Normally you can find them positioned in same distance along the pipe.
Drippers make a critical role buy ativan with about use in efficient irrigation system. As the pipe is pressurized, drippers maintain the uniform, constant flow, of water as it comes out of the pipe. Unlike a simple perforation in a pressured pipe that will induce a jet of water, the dripper is to create a relaxed, constant, and controlled drip that, even with numerous drippers in the field, all the drippers will emit almost same amount of water, securing the uniformity of the crop.

What is the difference between flat and cylindrical dripper?

  • Cylindrical drippers are known as the legacy drippers. Equipped with a large, internal water filters, a massive body and a long, wide labyrinth, they are built to last even in harsh conditions. Therefore they fit better orchards and landscape.
  • Flat drippers are more efficient in construction, with less materials and faster production compared to cylindrical. Flat drippers have a slimmer profile which minimizes friction and allows longer run of the pipes.

Actually what does it mean a “pressure compensated dripper”?

Pressure compensated drippers (PC) are equipped with a special mechanism that regulates the discharge of the drippers. When the pressure rises, the flow does not increase accordingly. Instead, a compensation mechanism regulates the flow and maintains it constant. In steep topography, this mechanism maintains uniform flow regardless of the drippers position in the hill. In long drip line laterals, this mechanism secures uniform flow rate regardless of drippers distance from the initial, and although the pressure drops along the line.

How does the regulation mechanism work?

  • PC Drippers are equipped with a labyrinth and flexible diaphragm.
  • Non-PC Drippers are equipped only with labyrinth, that maintains a turbulent flow that reduces the energy of the water as it comes out of the pipe. The special structure of the labyrinth dictates the reduced flow of water while minimizing the risk of sediments accumulation in the narrow path of the labyrinth.

How to Choose Between Pc and Non-Pc Drippers?

As aforementioned, irrigation drippers are divided into two main types:
PC Drippers (Flow Regulated): Equipped with a labyrinth and diaphragm that maintains a constant flow rate even when the pressure in the pipe fluctuates. It has a consistent, steady flow that fits long driplines. It is ideal for long, mechanized fields to ensure the growth is equal throughout large pieces of land.
Non-PC Drippers: Equipped with a labyrinth that controls the output by forcing a turbulent flow. The flow is synced with the pressure, so it changes significantly throughout the irrigation line and, from high-pressure flow at the start of the line to low pressure at the end of it. It is suitable for flat surfaces and short stretches, mainly for growing different crops.

What Features Are Available for Pc and Non-Pc Driplines?

  • Self-cleaning: Some driplines offer a cleaning option at the end of every cycle, crucial for areas with low quality of water and critical for preventing blockage from forming inside the irrigation system.
  • Labyrinth: We offer the only drip irrigation system that keeps both the pipe and the labyrinth clean.
  • Non-Drain System: Our Made-in-Israel drip irrigation system enables the pipe to stay full at all times instead of constantly draining – which is helpful for frequent, short irrigation intervals.
  • Anti-Syphon: A special mechanism which effectively prevents dirt and soil particles from entering the pipes and blocking the flow.

What Else I Should Know About your Irrigation Solutions?

Glad you asked! At Metzer, we are proud to provide you with access to unique agricultural technologies that elevate your growing and watering processes, allowing you to save time and money while achieving extraordinary results. Contact us for more details.

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